Vacation with Confidence with Travel Assistance for ALLtech Members

For ALLtech members enrolled in Group Life insurance through The Standard, you can breathe a little easier when planning your next vacation knowing you have access to Travel Assistance.

A single phone call helps employees and their families with emergencies that may arise while traveling, including a wide range of medical, legal and travel-related issues. Take a break from stress on your next vacation and let ALLtech support your overall wellness with access to Travel Assistance, which is available when you’re experiencing a medical or non-medical travel emergency while traveling:

  • More than 100 miles from home or in another country
  • For less than 180 days

During a medical emergency, Travel Assistance is there to ensure you get the care you need. If appropriate medical care isn’t available at the facility where you’re being treated, Travel Assistance will arrange and pay for your transportation to the closest, most appropriate medical facility able to provide the necessary treatment.

Throughout your hospitalization, Travel Assistance will monitor your care and medical condition. Travel Assistance will also coordinate with your health insurance, employers and family members, as requested and applicable. Once you’re clear for travel and discharged from the hospital, Travel Assistance will arrange and pay for your return home via the most appropriate mode of transport with medical escort, as necessary.

Travel Assistance can also help with non-emergencies, such as trip planning. Key services of Travel Assistance include:

  • Pre-Trip Assistance including visa, weather and currency exchange information, inoculation recommendations, country-specific details and security and travel advisories
  • Trip Assistance including help with replacing credit cards and passports, locating missing baggage and emergency cash coordination
  • Medical Assistance including locating medical and dental providers and translation services, replacement of prescription medical and corrective lenses and advancement of funds for hospital admission
  • Legal Referral including locating a local attorney, consular officer or bail bond coordination
  • Emergency Transportation Services including arranging and paying for emergency evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility and medically necessary repatriation to the employee’s home, including repatriation of remains
  • Companion Transportation Services including returning travel companion if return travel is disrupted due to emergency transportation services or returning dependent children if left unattended due to prolonged hospitalization
  • Evacuation Arrangements in the event of a natural disaster, political unrest and social instability
  • Vehicle Return if emergency transportation services are required and the participant’s personal vehicle is stranded

For more information, download the Travel Assistance Flyer for Employees, or the Travel Assistance FAQ.

To learn more about enrolling in ALLtech or to get a quote, fill out our Request a Quote form, email, or call 206.602.3558.