Seeking More Joy in Your Life? Tap into the Power of Purpose

Research has demonstrated that there are many benefits to living life with a sense of meaning and purpose. People who maintain connection to the meaningfulness and purpose of what they are doing tend to be healthy, wealthy and wise, not to mention happy.  Whether you find purpose in relationships, your faith or philosophy, your work and play in the world, or experience life as personally meaningful, this has a significant impact on your well-being.

This is especially important during difficult times when stress and the weight of responsibility is heavy. Our daily routine uses so much of our energy, it can be easy for our sense of purpose to fade into the background. With some intention, difficult times can actually serve to strengthen, clarify, or shape our sense of purpose, and our connection with purpose can be a vital source that sustains and guides us through challenging circumstances.

Learn how to Tap into the Power of Purpose at noon Tuesday, March 28, 2023, from Wellspring EAP, the employee assistance plan offered through ALLtech. During this webinar, you will have the chance to:

  1. Identify what is most meaningful in your life
  2. Clarify your sense of purpose
  3. Develop practical and concrete strategies to tether you to the purpose in your daily life

ALLtech partners with Wellspring EAP to offer an employee assistance plan (EAP) that features up to three in-person meetings with a counselor, along with diverse online resources. To learn more, view our Wellspring EAP summary of benefits.