Protect Your Digital Footprint with Allstate Identity Protection Through ALLtech

When was the last time you reviewed your digital footprint?

Through ALLtech, you have the ability to keep tabs on your digital footprint, which is a collection of all the personal information you’ve left behind that might expose you to risk. Just think, whenever you browse, post or shop online, you leave a trail of personal information behind.

ALLtech wants to help keep tech companies and their employees safe with access to the Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus Plan. Among the valuable tools available through this plan, the Allstate Digital FootprintTM allows you to easily manage and protect all the personal information you and your family share with companies while shopping, banking or using social media.

See where you data live online and learn if you may have been affected by a breach through this simple way for you to secure your information. Visit the Allstate Digital Footprint page to learn more.

To learn more about features available through the Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus Plan through ALLtech, download the Pro Plus Features flyer or email us at