Partner Webinar Series Focuses on Mindfulness for People Leaders

To help support wellness in the workplace and beyond, ALLtech is reaching out to invite members and the greater tech community to the valuable workshop series Mindfulness for People Leaders from partner Newfront.

The past two years have brought unprecedented challenges and transformational change to the workplace, from managing the pandemic to addressing racial inequalities, to enabling a work-from-home workforce. And for each of these challenges, people leaders have been called on to help organizations adapt and thrive. This has stretched people to the limits of their capabilities.

Designed to help people leaders build the mindset and skills to navigate the challenges of their roles, the workshop series provides powerful, mindfulness-based tools and techniques to avoid burnout, increase resilience, and enhance their effectiveness in the crucial roles that they play.

The first session in the six-part series, Recognize and Recover from Stress, can be viewed above. The series continues at 10 a.m. January 25, 2022, with the topic Don’t Worry, Be Present, which will cover:

  • Understanding how constant change and uncertainty can drain the body and mind.
  • Building the mental habits to help you let go of worry and come back to the present moment with a sense of balance and possibility.

Check out the full series below, each of which includes research-based content, interactive exercises, and grounding mindfulness practices, as well as practical tips that can be implemented in the workplace:

ALLtech partners with Newfront to offer access to the EVOLVE 401(k) retirement plan. Advanced Professionals Insurance & Benefit Solutions, the managing general agent for ALLtech, also is the wholesale benefits division of Newfront.