Join Wellspring EAP Webinar on Grieving a Lost World: When Assumptions Change Overnight

As we begin the fourth year of a global pandemic along with associated lockdowns, closures, and supply chain disruptions, many of us have experienced unpredictable changes – sometimes overnight. Many of us are finding our long-held and often invisible assumptions shaken or proven untrue. Looking at what we have lost and what has changed – and, if necessary, grieving – can be a powerful step in moving forward in our new reality despite the knowledge that things will continue to change further.

ALLtech partners with Wellspring EAP to offer an employee assistance plan (EAP) that features up to three in-person meetings with a counselor, along with diverse online resources that include a monthly live webinar that allows for a deeper connection in our increasingly virtual world.

Please consider joining ALLtech for Wellspring’s featured webinar on Grieving a Lost World: When Assumptions Change Overnight, from 11 a.m. to noon Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023. During this webinar, you will have the chance to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the impact of unpredictability and uncertainty
  • Understand the role grief plays and how to manage it effectively
  • Explore assumptions we held and how we are impacted when reality is not how we assumed it would be
  • Adopt strategies for moving forward with a new normal that may not match our expectations

January On-Demand Webinar Focuses on Sleep Health

Additional featured Wellspring resources for January include the on-demand webinar Caring for Yourself Through Winter: Maintaining Your Sleep and Energy.

People often experience sleep changes when the nights become longer and the days darker. This is due to a combination of factors – less daytime light, decreased exercise, changes in eating habits, and even holiday events have an impact. Join Dr. Catherine Darley to explore how these factors impact both our sleep and daytime energy, then discuss strategies to keep sleeping well, and keep our energy up throughout the season until the brighter days of spring.

Register here to view the webinar on-demand.

To learn more about the diverse benefits EAP available to ALLtech members, view our Wellspring EAP summary of benefits.