Giving Thanks is Good for Your Health 

Practicing gratitude around the holidays is a tradition for many families, but it turns out sticking with it throughout the year can have profound impacts on your overall health.  

Improve Your Mood with Gratitude

Some days it may feel impossible to think of even one thing that you’re grateful for, but in fact, these are the times when you can use a bit of gratitude the most. Studies have shown that offering thanks for things in life that are meaningful to you can decrease depression and anxiety, and if practiced regularly can even change the way your brain is wired. 

Turning on gratitude isn’t first nature for many of us, so start small with a daily affirmation – maybe something as simple as thinking about someone you’re grateful for, then gradually building on that by expressing your gratitude to the person.  

Now it’s contagious! Think about the last time a friend or even a stranger made your day by showing their appreciation for you. In the short term, it improves the mood of both parties, and in the long run practicing these acts of kindness will help gratitude become your brain’s go-to response. 

The Joy of Journaling

Another method that has been shown to improve both mental and physical health is keeping a gratitude journal. Some people prefer a bound journal to physically write in each day, but it can be just as meaningful to keep track digitally with your smart phone or computer. What’s important is to maintain a frequency that is realistic – it should feel enjoyable and cathartic, not like a chore. 

Maybe you prefer to jot down something about people or moments that you appreciated each day, or maybe it’s better for you to aim for once a week. Regardless of what you choose, the practice will help you focus more on the many positive experiences you have every day. 

Bring Thanks to the Workplace

Want to help foster a more positive environment in the workplace, too? Bring your gratitude to the office, especially if you are a manager or work in customer service.  

And don’t just say “Thank you” to be polite without really thinking about what you’re saying. Be present, and make a conscious effort to think about precisely what it is that you are thankful for. 

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