Explore Breathing, Movement that Harmonizes with Spring to Nurture Well-Being

As winter gives way to spring, the days are becoming longer and nights shorter. Around us, we see evidence flourishing, as plants and trees leaf out and blossom, bird nests become filled with hatchlings. Spring is in the air, and yet we may feel some dissonance between our own sense of weariness and the energy and new life we’re observing in the natural world. If we can pay attention to the way we respond to the changes in light and temperature, we can line up with this season of new growth to enhance our own well-being.

Wellspring EAP, which offers the employee assistance program to ALLtech members, invites you to make the most of the season with help from its webinar on “Seasonal Practices to Nurture Well-Being: Spring,” from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, April 14, 2022. In this session, we will explore breathing and movement practices that harmonize with spring, which can help to cultivate growth that we long for in our own lives.

About the Trainer
For over 20 years, Janet Novinger, MA, has worked — both externally and internally — as an organizational consultant in the greater Seattle region with more than 200 client companies. In her trainings, Janet draws from her experience as a manager and a consultant, a master’s degree in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University Seattle, and her work teaching adaptive yoga to people with challenging health conditions. An energetic, resourceful and creative professional, she specializes in high-performance cultures, strengthening employees’ resilience, and building their capacity to be effective team members. Her time at Wellspring Employee Assistance Program gave her solutions-focused experience working with some of the most challenging problems organizations and leaders experience.