Common Dental Insurance Terms to Know

From ALLtech dental provider Delta Dental of Washington

So you have dental insurance coverage, but navigating through the benefit language is not easy. We want you to understand the common terms used to ensure you know all your benefits and how your plan works for you.

Annual Maximum

This is the total amount your dental plan will cover within a specific amount of time, which is typically one year.


Think of this like the typical bill you would receive after a meal. However, this bill will go directly to the insurance provider (Delta Dental of Washington) so you don’t wait for reimbursement.


The amount you’re responsible for if your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of a procedure 100%. For example, let’s say your plan covers the cost of a filling at 50% of the cost, you would pay the remaining 50%.


A copay is your share of a procedure cost determined by a fixed percentage of the total cost, it’s a fixed dollar amount. Which means, regardless of the cost of a procedure the amount you pay stays the same.

For more terms like “Deducible” or “Explanation of Benefits,” visit the Delta Dental blog for a full list of common terms.