BIPOC Mental Health Month: Taking Care of Ourselves and Others

In honor of BIPOC Mental Health Month in July, ALLtech would like to highlight programs available through our employee assistance program, Wellspring EAP. On Wednesday, July 19, 2023, you’re invited to join Wellspring for a webinar on Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other: BIPOC Mental Health, Self-Care, and Allyship from 10 – 11 a.m. PDT.

This complimentary training is for those who identify as Black, Indigenous or a Person of Color (BIPOC), as well as those who identify as an ally. Many of us are striving to improve our ability to understand the bigger systems of oppression and strive to be a driving force for positive systemic change. While we authentically want to do that, we often simply don’t know how. In this session, we will learn about mental health statistics for BIPOC communities, explore how to show up as an ally to BIPOC communities, and how BIPOC communities can show up for ourselves as we recognize and tend to our own needs.

This event will be open to everyone, whether you are a part of the BIPOC community or an ally.

Explore Mindfulness at On-Demand Wellspring Webinar

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully aware of thoughts, feelings, experiences and other people in the present moment. It’s a simple way to look at how the mind works by noticing our thinking patterns without judgment, as a scientist would. We can train our minds to stay focused so that we are more energetic, possess a sense of calm and possibility, and soften our harsh judgments about what’s happening around us.

Click below to register for Wellspring’s on-demand training webinar from June on Mindfulness Practices, which will:

  • Explore the roots of mindfulness and its essential elements
  • Learn how mindfulness can benefit you
  • Directly experience several simple mindfulness strategies
  • Find out how to incorporate mindfulness practices into daily life

This webinar was delivered live in June and the recording is available to you for 60 days. You can also find other on-demand webinars at