Allstate Identity Protection Launches Elder Fraud Center

There’s a myth that older adults don’t embrace new technologies, but seniors are more connected than ever. Unfortunately, seniors are common scam targets because they often have nest eggs saved for retirement. Cybercriminals may use tactics such as scam texts, fake telemarketing calls, and phishing emails to target the elderly.

After seeing this devastation firsthand, ALLtech’s partners at Allstate Identity Protection have launched a new Elder Fraud Center, offering guidance and information about scams and identity fraud for older people, and their families and caregivers. The new interactive help center offers:

  • A resource hub with articles and tips about how to fight fraud
  • Alerts for common scams targeting seniors
  • A helpline to easily connect with certified specialists who can help

Through ALLtech, you have access to the Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus Plan, which can be offered to cover employee only or employee plus family. The family plan’s generous definition includes “under roof or under wallet,” but also can cover relatives 65+ — even if they’re not under the same roof or wallet. Some features of the plan include:

  • Monitoring features that scan financial and credit records daily
  • Near real-time alerts for suspicious activity
  • The ability to appoint a trusted family member, friend, or professional as an agent pursuant to a Power of Attorney
  • Full remediation if identity theft occurs
  • Reimbursement of many fraud-related expenses, including stolen funds and legal fees

To learn more, download the Allstate Identity Protection brochure or email